AEDU Namibia March 2019 Meetings

10th Annual AEDU Namibia Technical Conference.pdf Download
A Fair and Equitable Calculation of Network Contribution – OPE Oshakati Case Study.pdf Download
ABB Sectos Presentation - Barry Addinall – ABB South Africa (Pty)Ltd.pdf Download
AEDU Namibian Case Studies - Syntell.pdf Download
FibcoVideo13March2019.mp4 Download
High Noon for the TID Rollover - Syntell.pdf Download
HV Testing Methods - Presented by Johans Haarhoff.pdf Download
Improving the reliability performance of medium voltage networks the business case - Presenter Roger Martin EBM.pdf Download
IST Grid Analytics Presentation - Henk Bredell.pdf Download
LED Street Lighting - Presented by Pauo Pais Mamede - Beka Schreder.pdf Download
NamPower Transmission Master Plan - Presentation to AEDU Namibia.pdf Download
Network Planning and Design - The Easy Way - Presented by Tom Phillips.pdf Download
Regulatory Issues for 2019 - A presentation to the 10th AEDU Conference - Foibe L Namene ECB Ceo.pdf Download
Secure lock, key & electronic smart locking and monitoring systems for your electrical infrastructure - Presented by Dave Turton.pdf Download
Skywrap Fibre Technology - Presenter Yolandi Zeelie.pdf Download
Smart Geospatial Master Planning - Hilton Baartman - GLS Consulting.pdf Download
Voltage quality What went wrong - North West University.pdf Download