2018 Convention Presentations
AMEU 2018 Closing Address - Refilwe Mokgosi - AMEU President.pdf Download
AMEU Inauguration Speech - Refilwe Mokgosi - AMEU President.pdf Download
Municipal energy transition Opportunities for new business models and revenue streams - Gaoshitwe Lekoloane, Dr Clinton Carter-Brown, Jarrad Wright.pdf Download
Streetlight controls for smart cities based on IoT Technology - Daniel Kasper.pdf Download
Finding your customers to reduce losses - Attie Senekal.pdf Download
Understanding Solar PV investment decisions in the residential sector - Nikkie Korsten, Karin Kritzinger and Louise Scholtz.pdf Download
Towards improved OHS Act compliance - Cecil Lancaster.pdf Download
The Application of Real-Time Digital Simulator for PV Integration Grid Studies - Mluleki Hlatshwayo Pr Eng.pdf Download
Lessons learnt from advanced battery energy solutions - Sherwin Harris.pdf Download
Integrating Energy Storage with Solar for SA Municipalities - Rabagolo Melesi & Keith Katyora.pdf Download
The Accurate Billing for Large Power Users using Management Models and Frameworks - Mr Orren Groenewaldt Pr Eng.pdf Download
Technical and financial impacts of residential PV-Battery Systems - Miriam S Thopil.pdf Download
Poor power quality causalities and casualities - Thabo Mahlatsi.pdf Download
How wireless electricity theft detection can assist in reducing the theft or 'stealing' of electricity - Ms. Salome Tshikomba(Colleen).pdf Download
Avoiding utility failure - Dr Christopher Haw.pdf Download
Enhancement of Network System Performance Monitoring through Synchronised Measurement Technology - Dr. Yarish Brijmohan.pdf Download
A call for operational efficiencies… - Mantsie Hlakudi & Keneilwe Seleme.pdf Download
A case for new design methodologies for distribution networks - Justin Lotter.pdf Download
Development of Asset Management Plans for RE O&M - Darryl Summers, Pr. Eng & Karl Nepgen Pr. Eng.pdf Download

2018 Convention Papers
Technical and Financial Impacts of Residential PV-Battery Systems - MS Thopil.pdf Download
The Application of Real-Time Digital Simulator for PV Integration Grid Studies - Mluleki Hlatshwayo.pdf Download
Paper Enhancement of Network Systems - T.N Biyela.pdf Download
Towards improved OHSAct - Cecil Lancaster.pdf Download
Understanding Solar Photovoltaic Investment - Korsten, Kritzinger and Scholtz.pdf Download
Lessons learnt from advanced battery energy storage and microgrid projects - Sherwin Harris.pdf Download
Municipal energy transition -Lekoloane, Wright, Carter-Brown.pdf Download
Development of Asset Management Plans for RE O&M - Darryl Summers.pdf Download
A Case for new design methodologies for distribution networks - J Lotter.pdf Download
AMEU Streetlight controls for smart cities based - Daniel Kasper.pdf Download
Internet of Things & Distribution Infrastructure Self-Healing Grid - S Javdani.pdf Download
How wireless Electricity Theft Detection Can Assist in Reducing The theft or Stealing of Electricity - S. Tshikomba.pdf Download
A call for operational efficiencies owing to the imminent diversification of electricity supply & distribution - M.P Hlakudi.pdf Download
Captive Embedded Generation what happens when utilities fail - Chris Haw.pdf Download
Finding your customer to Reduce Losses rev 0.2.pdf Download

2018 WiE Presentations
WiE Speech 09 Oct 2018 - Punkie Majola.pdf Download
A Budding Engineer Speaks - Busisiwe Manabe.pdf Download
Gender Mainstreaming at Eaton - Seydou Kane.pdf Download
Gender Mainstreaming - Veer N. Ramnarain – Pr Eng MBA, FSAIEE, GCC.pdf Download
Entrepreneurship as a catalyst for women’s economic empowerment in the Energy sector - Yolanda Mabuto.pdf Download
WiE - Lomile Modiselle.pdf Download
WiE support for Women in Entrepreneurship.pdf Download
WiE - Fakazile Tywaku.pdf Download

2018 Branch Presentations
11-2 DoE Riebeeck West (AMEU).pdf Download
12-1 STSA_Ameu_20180816_Don Taylor_D2.pdf Download
15 - AMEU WAYNE IDM.pdf Download
16-3 Inspired interfaces - Network Planning and Design the Easy Way (18....pdf Download
8-2 CPI AMEU-SARPA Presentation (August 2018).pdf Download
9-1 Strategic Advisers AMEU Good Hope Mtg_ _Presentation_Vally Padayachee_17 Aug 2018.pdf Download
AMEU Minutes Riebeek West 17 August 2018 (0).pdf Download
09h15 Opening Speech _ Mr Moferefere Tshabalala_ 09 Oct 2017.pdf Download
11h30 Proposed Business Modela for Mixed Energy Distribution Utilities 20171009 - M. Magemba.pdf Download
12h00 Technical Solutions for our changing business model - Lomile Modiselle.pdf Download
12h30 The role of SA municipalities in renewable energy, a review of business models - Nhlanhla Ngidi and Lungile Manzini.pdf Download
14h00 Smart Meter Systems Attack & Defense - Emil Gurevitch - NES.pdf Download
14h30 A serious look at the harsh reality of the vulnerability of our power grids to cyber-attacks - Rodney Swartz.pdf Download
15h00 Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure - Legislation and Regulation - C Pool.pdf Download
16h00 Modern Asset Management in Utilities - Petunia Seele.pdf Download
AMEU Convention 11 October 2017 Address by NERSA - Mbulelo Nceteza.pdf Download

09h00 Women in Electricity WiE Management & Leadership Development Programme - Corrie van der Wath.pdf Download
11h30 State of Solar PV in South Africa and PV GreenCard - Niveshen Govender and Chris Haw.pdf Download
12h00 Introducing Mandatory Revenue Protection Initiatives to Improve Municipal Cash Flow - Nzimeni Mgoqi.pdf Download
12h30 Impact of Commercial_Industrial SSEG installations on MV networks - Geeven V Moodley.pdf Download
14h00 Global electricity disruption and the South African parallels- Paul Vermeulen.pdf Download
14h30 Second generation solar street lighting Technology evolution, applications and case study - Olivier Saint Girons.pdf Download
15h00 City Power Johannesburg Condition Monitoring - Patrick O’Halloran.pdf Download

08h30 New Challenges Facing the Utility Engineer - Paul Gerber.pdf Download
09h00 Ekurhuleni Power Partners - Mark Wilson.pdf Download
09h30 NMBM - EDF Joint Feasibility Study - Jean-Luc Farges.pdf Download
10h00 Miniature substations - what they are really capable of delivering - Rhett Kelly, Greg Whyte.pdf Download
10h30 Advanced Revenue Program - Martin Kuhlmann.pdf Download
11h30 Inspection and Enforcement Services - Jakes Malatse.pdf Download


A new innovative behaviour change approach to improve revenue recovery and energy protection - Dileep John.pdf Download
AMEU CONVENTION SUMMARY 2016 final.pdf Download
Asset Management - Lifecycle costing Can you invest in the future and afford not to apply it - Andre Jordaan.pdf Download
BEKA Schreder - Partnerships revised.pdf Download
Building Smart Capacity Training and Development - Lerato Libate.pdf Download
CBI AMEU Panel presentation - 4 Oct.pdf Download
City of Ekurhuleni - Cost of Electricity Supply Study - Stephen Delport.pdf Download
Cost Benefit Analysis of Utility Management Systems Implementation - Brighton Mwarehwa.pdf Download
ECSA Proposed new commitment and undertaking - John Cato.pdf Download
Feasability studies for development of waste to ebergy project - Thabo Mahlatsi.pdf Download
Future business models for municipal electricity utilities - Nhlanhla Ngidi.pdf Download
Loss Management at Customer Network Centre level with the focus on non-technical losses per feeder - Rob Shongwe.pdf Download
Managing the Renewables Challenge in Secondary Distribution Networks - Tim Spearing.pdf Download
Nuclear Power Generation – A Necessary Option for Africa - Knox Msebenzi.pdf Download
Round Table Panel Discussion - Andries Tshabalala.pdf Download
Round Table Panel Discussion Alpha Concepts presentation.pdf Download
Saving lives from death or injury caused by illegal electricial installations - Mark Symons.pdf Download
SCADA Landscape of the future.pdf Download
Service Delivery and Asset Management for South African Utilities - Heinz Fischer.pdf Download
The STS Prepayment Standard TID rollover in 2024 managing the change - Kobus van den Berg.pdf Download
What is the value proposition that Smart Grids present in the context of ageing infrastructure... - Teslim M. Yusuf.pdf Download
Women in Electricity - Malerato Mohlala.pdf Download


A Business Case for Smartgrids - Tony Duarte.pdf Download
AMEU Women in Electricity - Refilwe Mokgosi.pdf Download
Avoiding load shedding using a virtual power station - Rob Surtees.pdf Download
Building Capacity to promote a balanced econimic infrastructure - Revona Botha.pdf Download
EE and RE in municipalities - Aurelie Ferry.pdf Download
Energy, demand and revenue impacts of rooftop PV in Namibian ditributors - GL van Harmelen.pdf Download
Establishing a market for electricity at the distribution level - Eustace Davie.pdf Download
eThekwini electricity's transformer life management programme - Brian Sibiya.pdf Download
From waste to energy, from problem to opportunity - Kenneth Gaynor.pdf Download
Grid integration of renewable energy in municipal networks - Nhlanhla Ngidi.pdf Download
Independent power producer procurement - Clinton Carter - Brown.pdf Download
Investigation and mitigation of technical electric power losses withinCity Power - Sibusiso Bakana.pdf Download
Load shedding from a municipal perspective - Dennis Mokoala.pdf Download
Microgrid_shelter_Siemens - Rodney Swartz.pdf Download
Misaligment between Auditing and Financial management - Phetole Moagi.pdf Download
Prevention of electric power theft initiative - Kyle Parker.pdf Download
Shifting perceptions - Kevin Kotzen.pdf Download
Tangible benefits of smart metering technology - Aubrey Mochela.pdf Download
The electrification of informal settlements - Phetole Moagi.pdf Download
The real smartness of a smart meter solution - Christo Nicholls.pdf Download
Visula improvement and high energy saving high mast installations in municipal environments - Daniel Kasper.pdf Download



A perspective on Distributed Generation in Municipal Networks - Kevin Kotzen.pdf Download
Asset Health for Transmission & Distribution - Hennie Nel.pdf Download
City Power Johannesburg Response to Potential Load Shedding - Stuart Webb.pdf Download
Countering the dire shortage of technical personnel in South Africa - Tom Phillips.pdf Download
Distribution Network Planning Philosophy, Hursthill Area - Riaan Swanepoel.pdf Download
Infrastructure Skills Development Grant Mentorship Programme - Mvuleni Bukula.pdf Download
Municipal Tariffs Where to from here - Hendrik Barnard.pdf Download
Net-metering concept for micro-scale generation in South Africa - Geeven Moodley.pdf Download
Reliability modelling of the City Power networks using a simplified approach - Louis Pieterse.pdf Download
Replacement Remote Geyser Monitoring and Control - John Kincaid-Smith.pdf Download
Revenue and Network Protection in River Park, Alexandra - Xolani Lembede.pdf Download
Small Scale On-Grid Solar Photo Voltaic Embedded Generation in SA - Paul Tuson.pdf Download
Smart Meter Implementation Guidelines Final - Kobus Van Den Berg.pdf Download
Smart Metering Solutions for African Utilities - Wasim Dawood.pdf Download
Substation Accident - Barry Gass.pdf Download
System status overview - Al’Louise van Deventer.pdf Download
The Impact of Small Scale Embedded Generation and EEDSM on historically designed networks - Jaco Alberts.pdf Download
The impact of the new health and safety (construction) regulations on municipal and design electrical engineers - Dr Willem du Toit.pdf Download
Transforming Municipal Services Delivering Smart Metering while Securing Revenue - Paul Renshall.pdf Download


Barry Gas, High Voltage Training.pdf Download
Bruce Raw_Kevin Kotzen, Green Cape.pdf Download
Dr Willem du Toit, Saftek Technology.pdf Download
Geeven Moodley, Digsilent Buyisa.pdf Download
Geeven Moodley, SALGA.PDF Download
Hendrik Barnard, Elexpert.pdf Download
Jaco Alberts, Motla Consulting Engineers.pdf Download
Jonathan Hunsley, eThekwini Municipality.pdf Download
Kevin Kotzen, Green Cape.pdf Download
Kobus van den Berg, Aurecon.pdf Download
Louis Pieterse, City Power.pdf Download
Nathi Mhlongo, Zimele Technologies.pdf Download
Paul Tuson, Mott McDonald.pdf Download
Peter Moray, Utilities Telecom Council.pdf Download
Riaan Swanepoel, City Power.pdf Download
Stuart Webb, City Power.pdf Download
Tom Phillips, Inspired Interface.pdf Download
Xolani Lembede, City Power.pdf Download



Achieving Optimal Benefits with a Demand Response System - Rodney Swartz.pdf Download
Dangers and Hazards of not wearing personal protective equipment - DJ Jamieson.pdf Download
Deep Rural Electrification - Mohamed Peer.pdf Download
Demand Response Applications for Municipal Utilities - David Ellis.pdf Download
Disaster Management - An Integrated Approach - Chris Billingham.pdf Download
Distribution Automation – Sets up Network Standards and Smart Grid Roll Out - Tim Spearing.pdf Download
Electrification Planning Report The process, the content and the end - M.N. Khumalo.pdf Download
Enhancing Asset Management With Detailed Asset Data & Connected Network Model - Jayshree Pershad.pdf Download
Evolution of medium voltage power cables - Patrick O'Halloran.pdf Download
Experience and Benefits of using High Temperature Low-Sag (HTLS) - Tony Hill.pdf Download
Financial recovery of embedded generation in medium voltage distribution systems - Ravi Moonsamy.pdf Download
Grid Connection code for renewable power plants (RPPs) - Target Mchunu and Themba Khoza.pdf Download
How Software adds Intelligence to Smart Grids - Mike Adriaanzen.pdf Download
Intelligent road lighting Bringing cities to life - Daniel Gooijer.pdf Download
LED Street Lighting - Current and Future Trends - Daniel Kasper.pdf Download
Overview on Pilot RE Projects - Dr.Carola Hantelmann.pdf Download
Promoting Self Regulation with the South African Electricity Supply Industry - Lucky Nhlanhleni.pdf Download
Proposed Smart Grid Vision for South Africa - Dr. M Bipath.pdf Download
Renewable Generation Reactive Power Capability and Grid Code Compliance - Mick Barlow.pdf Download
Secure Reliable Communications for the LV Smart Grid - Andrew Goedhart.pdf Download
Smart Metering implementation programme “From concept to reality - Sicelo Xulu.pdf Download
Strategies to eliminate or minimize safety incidents and environmental impacts - Troy Govender.pdf Download
The hard working Ant - Sicelo Xulu.pdf Download
Unified service, asset and work management processes in a spatial environment - Bouke Spoelstra.pdf Download
Using Alternative Energy Technologies and Strategies to deliver services - Grant Mashile.pdf Download


AMEU Convention 2012 - summary of proceedings 17Oct12.pdf Download
Building a real smart solution - Tom Phillips.pdf Download
Case Study Protection Settings Management at City Power - Hilton Baartman.pdf Download
Dangers and Hazards of Entering Live Substations and Enclosures - Barry Gass.pdf Download
Demystifying the Smart Grid - Stuart Michie.pdf Download
Domestic time of use tariff determination - Harold Hayes.pdf Download
Electrical utility distribution - Dr Clinton Carter-Brown.pdf Download
Global Power Utilities Trends - Jan Gey van Pittius.pdf Download
Implementing a Metering Pilot Project Guidelines for Success - Harold Hayes.pdf Download
Innovative Approach to an ICT Infrastructure - Paul Renshall.pdf Download
Isolate Test and Earth So Simple So Why Do Things Still Go Wrong - Roy Wienand.pdf Download
Low Loss Distribution Transformers in a South African Context - Gareth Stanford.pdf Download
Mobile Technology for Infield Data Collections and Electronic Works Orders - Hugo Gtze.pdf Download
Mobilise to Lead - Ignatius van Zyl.pdf Download
New Innovative Technology for Smart Grids to reduce unnecessary and costly Power Outages - Dirk Scheerer.pdf Download
Optimising Health and Safety management by job task to risk behaviour profile matching - Willem J du Toit.pdf Download
Power Quality Monitoring - Stephen Delport.pdf Download
Small-Scale Renewable Energy Embedded Generation - Andrew Janish.pdf Download
Smart Grid Evolution through Microgrid Aggregation in Africa - Wajdi Ahmad.pdf Download
Smart Grid Solutions For Transformer Monitoring And Diagnostics - Wajdi Ahmad.pdf Download


Andrew Janish Sustianable Energy Africa.pdf Download
Barry Gass Actom.pdf Download
Dennis Mokoala Polokwane Municipality.pdf Download
Deon Louw Overstrand Municipality.pdf Download
Dirk Scheerer Siemens.pdf Download
Dr Clinton Carter-Brown Eskom.pdf Download
Gareth Standford Powertech Transformers.pdf Download
Hartmut Bohmer Util Labs.pdf Download
Hendrik Barnard Elexpert.pdf Download
Hilton Baartman Didsilent Buyisa.pdf Download
Hugo Gotze Motla Metering.pdf Download
Kobus van den Berg Aurecon.pdf Download
Paul Renshall Mott MacDonald Limited.pdf Download
Stephen Delport Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.pdf Download
Stuart Michnie ABB SA.pdf Download
Tom Phillips Conlog.pdf Download
Vimeshan Pillay Digsilent Buyisa.pdf Download
Wadji Ahmad GE Digital Energy.pdf Download
Willem de Beer SANEDI.pdf Download
Willem du Toit SAFTEK.pdf Download
AMEU Convention 2011 - summary of proceedings - Peter Fowles.pdf Download
Applying simplified network feeder reliability modelling - Dr Clinton Carter-Brown and Martin Cameron.pdf Download
Challenges facing protective relay engineers in modern times - Alexander Dierks.pdf Download
City Power Singapore Power Strategic Partnership - Patrick O’Halloran.pdf Download
Does the new Swistra Ripple Control Protocol supersede the introduction of bi-directional Communication - Adrian Toller and Ian Robinson.pdf Download
EDI Restructuring The Legacy, the Lessons and the Future - Dr Willie de Beer and Nigel Waters.pdf Download
Electricity Distribution Infrastructure Master Data Governance using the Master key tool - C Plüddemann.pdf Download
Energy, Efficiency, Tariffs, and New Technology – what are the links - UMS.pdf Download
Implementing an online meter monitoring and feedback system in the City of Ekurhuleni - Stephen Delport.pdf Download
Keeping the lights on – a partnership approach - Andrew Etzinger.pdf Download
LED lighting of Residential Areas - The economical option for Local Authorities - Daniel Kasper and Johann Schleritzko.pdf Download
Live line upgrade project - Patrick O’Halloran.pdf Download
Mobile Solutions for Capturing Electrical Assets of Municipalities - Raj Rajakanthan.pdf Download
Mobile Technology for Electricity Filed service personnel at City of Cape Town - Marthinus van der Merwe.pdf Download
Presentation_ Benoni Township Electrical Normalisation Project_Case Study.pdf Download
SA’s Virtual Power Station - Enerweb Presentation.pdf Download
Smart metering lessons learnt - Imraan Mohamed.pdf Download
Sustainable Energy Options for Cities - Mark Borchers.pdf Download
The advantages of utilising vendor independent automated meter reading systems - Gerard van der Merwe.pdf Download
The impact of plug-in electric vehicles on long range demand forecasts of distribution networks - G Brand and J Roesch.pdf Download
The Indian DRUM project - Richard Frantz and Bob Wallis.pdf Download
The shift towards energy sustainability in Asia Lessons for Africa - Ron Millard and Mike Emmerton.pdf Download
Transformer Re-Design - David Hayes.pdf Download
Using low cost mobile phone technology to empower the utility workforce and enhance operational effectiveness - touchwork.pdf Download
Wheeling of energy - enabling mechanism’s in the current environment - Eskom.pdf Download

Applying simplified network feeder reliability modelling - Dr Clinton Carter-Brown and Martin Cameron.pdf Download
Benoni Township Normalisation (Project 2011 – 2016) A Case Study - B Mpesi.pdf Download
Challenges Facing Protective Relay Engineers in Modern Times - A Dierks.pdf Download
Condition monitoring AMEU P OHalloran Aug 2011.pdf Download
Does the new Swistra Ripple Control Protocol supersede the introduction of bi-directional Communication - A Toller.pdf Download
EDI Restructuring The Legacy, the Lessons and the Future - W de Beer.pdf Download
Effective Revenue Recoverys - S van Jaarsveldt.pdf Download
Electricity Distribution Infrastructure Master Data Governance using the Master key tool - C Plüddemann.pdf Download
Energy, Efficiency, Tariffs, and New Technology – what are the links - Dr W Dykman.pdf Download
Eskom Integrated Demand Management - A Etzinger.pdf Download
How Implementing Online Meter Monitoring and Feedback has helped the City of Ekurhuleni to Manage both Revenue and Demand - S Delport.pdf Download
LED street lighting of Residential Areas - D Kasper J Schletizko.pdf Download
Live Line transmission line upgrade projects First in Africa P OHalloran Aug 2011 rev 1.pdf Download
Mobile Solutions for cost effective capturing of Electrical Assets of Municipalities - T Rajakanthan.pdf Download
Mobile Technology for Electricity Field Services Personnel - M van der Merwe.pdf Download
SA’S Virtual Power Station - R Surtees.pdf Download
Strategic Direction for Eskom’s Retail Tariffs – 2011 onwards - D Conradie.pdf Download
Sustainable Energy Provision options for South African cities - Mark Borchers.pdf Download
The advantages of utilising vendor independent automated meter reading systems - Gerard van der Merwe.pdf Download
The impact of plug-in electric vehicles on long range demand forecasts of distribution networks - G Brand and J Roesch.pdf Download
The Indian DRUM Project – Distribution, Review, Upgradation and Management - R Frantz R Wallis.pdf Download
The shift towards energy sustainability in Asia Lessons for Africa - Ron Millard and Mike Emmerton.pdf Download
Transformer re-designs in modern economic times - D Hayes.pdf Download
Using low cost mobile phone technology to empower the utility workforce and enhance operational effectiveness - R Leitner.pdf Download
Wheeling of energy- enabling mechanism’s in the current environment - S Salvodi.pdf Download
2010 World Cup picture slide show.pdf Download
AMEU Convention 2010 - summary of proceedings - Peter Fowles.pdf Download
AMEU Stellenbosch 2010 - Stephen Delport.pdf Download
An Analysis of Municipal Tariff Determination - Hendrik Barnard.pdf Download
An perspective from Eskom Research - Amal Khatri.pdf Download
Asset Management - Regulatory Compliance Challenges - AG Booyzen & SE Fourie.pdf Download
Asset Management_An Executive Perspective - Dr Willie de Beer.pdf Download
Benchmarking in the South African EDI context - Dr Willie de Beer.pdf Download
Benefits of Remote Access Terminals - AMEU 2010.pdf Download
Challenges to city growth due to area of supply disputes - Robert Ferrier.pdf Download
Electricity supply challenges and lessons learnt from the 2010 Soccer World Cup - Dr Clinton Carter-Brown.pdf Download
Energy Losses Management Programme - Maboe Maphaka.pdf Download
International Practices and Trends for Managing Municipal and Utility Infrastructure - Mark Damm.pdf Download
Keynote Address by O Aphane Department of Energy.pdf Download
Measures Taken to Address Skills Shortage - Sandile Maphumulo.pdf Download
Medium Term Scenarios for Electricity SupplyDemand Balance - Corrie Visagie.pdf Download
More Regulation but what price safety Ron Millard and Leon Fouries.pdf Download
Municipal Electricity Metering - Leon de Nysschen.pdf Download
Municipal Tariff Challenges - Ir Leon Kritzinger.pdf Download
Political Trends and Issues relating to 21st Century Municipal Electrical Services Delivery - An eThekweni Perspective - Cllr Visvin Reddy.pdf Download
Provision of Bulk Models - Robert Zietsman.pdf Download
Removing Obstacles for Emerging ContractorsEmerging Contractors - W. Fritz and D. Kallis.pdf Download
Skills development and staff retention - MD Mokoala.pdf Download
Strategic Approach to Skills Development and Staff Retention - Adrian Vermaak.pdf Download
Substation Explosion - Barry Gass.pdf Download
Utility Load Manager - Dr Vic Lawrence.pdf Download

An Analysis of Municipal Tariff Determination - Hendrik Barnard Elexpert.pdf Download
An Innovative Metering Spreadsheet - Stephen Delport Ekurhuleni Metropolitan.pdf Download
Asset Management An Executive Perspective - Dr. Willem de Beer EDI Holdings.pdf Download
Asset Management Regulatory Compliance Challenges - AG Booyzen Bigen Africa Services.pdf Download
Benchmarking In The South African Edi Context - Dr. Willem de Beer EDI Holdings.pdf Download
Challenges to City Growth - Rob Ferrier Buffalo City.pdf Download
Demand Side Management - Dr. Vic Lawrence Eskom.pdf Download
Electricity supply challenges and lessons learnt from the 2010 Soccer World Cup - 2010 ESI Forum.pdf Download
Energy Loss Management as part of Utility Financial Sustainability - Louis Fourie AJ van der Merwe Netgroup.pdf Download
Eskom Research into Future Energy Sources - Amal Khatri Eskom.pdf Download
International Practices and Trends - Mark Damm Fuseforward International Inc.pdf Download
More regulation But what price Safety - Ron Millard PB Power.pdf Download
Municipal Tariff Chalenges - Leon Ktitzinger Centlec Pty Ltd.pdf Download
Overview of the Eskom Energy Losses Management Programme - Maboe Maphaka EON Consulting and Eskom.pdf Download
Provision of Bulk Municipal Infrastructure by Developers - Rob Zietsman Geopower.pdf Download
Removing Obstacles for Emerging Contractors - Wilfred Fritz Deon Kallis CPUT.pdf Download
Skills Development and Retention - Dennis Mokoala Polokwane Municipality.pdf Download
Smart Metering - Harold Heyes LandisGyr Pty Ltd.pdf Download
South Africa needs everyone to contribute to Energy Efficiency - Corrie Visagie.pdf Download
Substation Emplosion - Barry Gass ACTOM.pdf Download
System Performance Quality of supply load shedding challenges - Claudio Pierini Netgroup.pdf Download
The Importance of Metering in various aspects of Municipal Distribution - Leon de Nysschen ACTOM.pdf Download
2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Q_A Session.pdf Download
2009 National Members Assembly Resolutions on EDIR - Cllr T.D.Khalipha.pdf Download
2010 FIFA World Cup ~ South Africa Stadium electricity supplies - TR Edmondson & Dr C Carter-Brown.pdf Download
AMEU Convention 2009 - Summary of proceedings - Peter Fowles.pdf Download
Asset Management Interface between Business and System - H Mostert.pdf Download
Bushing Failures in MV Switchgear - Coetzee van Heerden.pdf Download
Climate Change Risks and Opportunities for the Electricity Distribution Industry - Liteboho Makhele.pdf Download
Compact Substations - Chris de Kock.pdf Download
Dx Code Phase 2 Implementation Plan by NL Ngidi.pdf Download
Engineering Contributions Policy - Dwayne Baker.pdf Download
Ensuring sufficient capacity to power the 2010 World Cup - Teresa Carolin.pdf Download
eThekwini Electricity MV Switchgear flash over and injury to staff member - Roy Wienand.pdf Download
Implementation of Engineering Contribution - Danie van Wyk.pdf Download
Improving the management of our electricity resources - Sicelo Xulu.pdf Download
Key Note Address - Ms Dipuo Peters.pdf Download
Lessons for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa from the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup Experience - Sicelo Xulu.pdf Download
National Code of Practice Emergency Load Reduction and System Restoration Practices (NRS 048-92009) - RG Koch & J Correia.pdf Download
Non-Technical Losses-How do other countries tackle the problem - Ron Millard and Mike Emmerton.pdf Download
OWLET nightshift - Jason Smith.pdf Download
Power Optimsa Presentation.pdf Download
Power Quality Portal – a Practical Web Based PQ Management System - Willie van Wyk.pdf Download
Practical perspective of the RED Business Model - Dr Willie de Beer.pdf Download
Reinventing Old Grids –Taking Steps to Assess Against Risk Failure - Xolani Lembede.pdf Download
Safety can it be Regulated - Robert . S . Ferrier.pdf Download
Safety Operations on Medium Voltage Switchgear - Barry Gass.pdf Download
Skills Development and Staff Retention - Adrian Vermaak.pdf Download
The Evolution of Pre-paid metering and load control systems - Andy Stoner.pdf Download
The Renewable Energy in South Africa - Resource, Research and Projects - Prof Wikus van Niekerk.pdf Download
The role of human risk taking behaviour and the influence of legislative standards on electrical incidents - WJ du Toit.pdf Download
The Role of RE Legislation in Promoting the Acceptance of RE into Society - Neil van der Merwe.pdf Download

A fatality involving a sub contractor on a substation construction project - Dwayne Baker.pdf Download
An incident arising from an illegal electricity connection - Mark Donaldson.pdf Download
Asset Management - Hugo Mostert.pdf Download
Bushing failures in medium voltage switchgear - Coetzee van Heerden.pdf Download
Challenges of Providing Energy Infrastructure - S Xulu X Lembede.pdf Download
Climate Change Risks and Opportunities for the Electricity Distribution Industry - Liteboho Makhele.pdf Download
Compact substations solutions - Chris de Kock.pdf Download
Engineering Contribution Policy - Danie van Wyk.pdf Download
Grid Code Implementation - Lucky Nhlanhla Ngidi.pdf Download
KEY NOTE Address - Mayor Maphazi.pdf Download
Lessons for the 2010 FIFA World Cup SA from 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup - S Bhana SXulu.pdf Download
National Code of Practise - Robert Koch.pdf Download
Non Technical Losses How do other countries tackle the problem - Ron Millard.pdf Download
Opening Speech Convention 2009 - Ms E D Peters.pdf Download
Power Quality Portal - a Practical Web Based PQ Management System - W van Wyk.pdf Download
Practical perspective of the RED business model - Dr W de Beer.pdf Download
Renewable Energy in SA - Prof van Niekerk.pdf Download
Risks to the electricity supply for the 2010 tournament national capacity outlook - T Caroli.pdf Download
Safety - Can it be Regulated - Robert Ferrier.pdf Download
Safety operations on med voltage switchgear - Barry Gass.pdf Download
Skills Development and Staff Retention - Adriaan Vermaak.pdf Download
Stadium Electricity Supplies - T Edmondson.pdf Download
Telemanagement of Public Street Lighting Infrastructures - Jason Smith.pdf Download
The Evolution of pre-paid metering and load control systems - Andy Stoner.pdf Download
The Role of Human Risk Taking Behaviour - W du Toit.pdf Download
The Role of Renewable Energy Legislation in Promoting - N vd Merwe.pdf Download
Voltage Power Optimisation - Alan Palmer.pdf Download
City Power Jozi Experiences in –Utility Formation, Maintenance and Refurbishment, Energy Crisis, Smart Technologies - Silas Mzingeli Zimu.pdf Download
Cost and performance implications of infrastructure investment options in the Eskom Distribution network - Clinton Carter Brown.pdf Download
Demand Side Management - Does South Africa need a paradigm shift Viv Cohen.pdf Download
EmnambithiLadysmith Municipality ––Meter Sweep - F R Niemand.pdf Download
Energy Security in Resource Constrained World - Erica Johnson.pdf Download
Engineering Skills - Key to effective service delivery - IanMcKechnie and Stan Bridgens.pdf Download
Exploring the financial impact of non-technical energy losses & emerging best practices to curb this scourge - Claudia Coetzer.pdf Download
Future Strategy for the Implementation of Smart Metering with Ripple Control - Reinhard Dettmar and Ian Robinson.pdf Download
Investment Imperatives for Utilities to Ensure Sustainable Electrical Infrastructure Development - Netgroup.pdf Download
Maintenance scheduling and planning City of Tshwane Experience - PM Tlabela.pdf Download
Maximising the potential of Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management in South Africa - Vashna Singh.pdf Download
Merlin Gerin Type SB6-72 SF6 Circuit Breakr Failures - John O Silweya.pdf Download
NRS049 --Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) - Henri Groenewald.pdf Download
Numbers and Needs AMEU October 2008 Allyson Lawless.pdf Download
Regulation in Electricity Crisis - Lesley Ferrando.pdf Download
Regulatory Imperatives to stimulate competition and market entry - AJ van der Merwe.pdf Download
Report on an electrical incident whilst performing work on a 6 600 volt cable in the Germiston area - Stephen Delport.pdf Download
Skills Development for Network Planners in Eskom’s Distribution Business - Sanjian Malapermal.pdf Download
Substation Fatality - Barry Gass.pdf Download
Summary of proceedings - Peter Fowles.pdf Download
The challenges in implementing power rationing in a sensible manner – an international perspective - Vally Padayachee.pdf Download
The electricity distribution tariff - Herlita Bobadilla Robles.pdf Download
The Virtual Power Station - Enerweb.pdf Download
Update on EDI Restructuring - Phindile Nzimande.pdf Download
Update on the Energy Conservation Scheme (ECS) proposed by the DME and Eskom - Chris Yelland.pdf Download

11. AT Van der Merwe.pdf Download
13. Sizwe Mabanga.pdf Download
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AMUE paper oct07 Greg Tosen.ppt Download
C Carter Brown 2010 ESI forum rev0.ppt Download
C Carter Brown Eskom Dx network planning rev0.ppt Download
CRONJE CIE 140 AMEU PAPER.ppt Download
Dealing with Large Scale Power Emergencies v2.0 Shamal Sivasanker.ppt Download
Dean Griffin AMEU Paper October 2007.ppt Download
Dierks Diagnostic Measurements on PT.ppt Download
EON Consulting - Do you manage your assets - Final ver 1 Paul Van Niekerk.ppt Download
KEVIN NASSIEP.ppt Download
Modern Network Master Planning Methodology RevC Ed Bunge.ppt Download
PETER FOWLES.ppt Download
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UAP Presentation AMEU 16Oct07 Anton Theron.ppt Download
Vally.ppt Download
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20061017VS AMEU Technical Conference 171006 v2.ppt Download
AMEU 2006 Cell Phone Vending the Tshwane Case Study.ppt Download
AMEU 2006 MV Distribution Switchgear Technologies Developments and Solutions for Endusers.ppt Download
AMEU 2006 presentation by P. Haripersad.ppt Download
AMEU CONVENTION 2006.ppt Download
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Beyond Prepayment Presentation.ppt Download
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Electricity Regulation Presentation - AMEU.ppt Download
Electricity Restructuring Dynamics.ppt Download

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2_A Van der Merwe And William Mhando.pdf Download
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Cllr Greeff Speech Civic Reception.pdf Download
PresidentVallyOpeningSpeech.pdf Download
RussellMuhlotiBaloyi.pdf Download
SpeechbyClrMolwelex.pdf Download
Tore Vally Security and adequacy of supply in South Africa.pdf Download
Aladin Paper.pdf Download
AMEU Keynote address 2005.pdf Download
Asset Fish.pdf Download
Asset Vrey.pdf Download
Bolota OPtimisation.pdf Download
Cable Current Capacity.pdf Download
Committee Reports.pdf Download
Conductor structure JJ.pdf Download
De Wet Autometer.pdf Download
EDI Phindi Nzimande.pdf Download
EDI Restructuring P Nzimande.pdf Download
Energy Efficiency Tshikalanke.pdf Download
Energy Supply Nassiep.pdf Download
Fault Interuption Delport.pdf Download
Ferrier Contractors.pdf Download
Free BReathing Visser.pdf Download
Goodwin Cable Diagnostics.pdf Download
GPRS Gutschow.pdf Download
Green Padayachee.pdf Download
Licensees Vundule.pdf Download
Millard Benchmarking.pdf Download
Muller Streetlight.pdf Download
Naidoo Kuun PLC.pdf Download
Network Zoio.pdf Download
Optimal Du Preez.pdf Download
Privatised Utility Croucher.pdf Download
Public Kritzinger.pdf Download
Restructure Matthee.pdf Download
Restructuring Ringfencing.pdf Download
Safety Briefings.pdf Download
Tlabela Ringfence.pdf Download
Vegetation Verster.pdf Download
Viljoen Steyn design.pdf Download
Whitehead Convention.pdf Download
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Bobby Nel Electric Accident Report.pdf Download
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Richards Bay - AMEU 2004.doc Download
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Stephen Delport Electric Accident Report.pdf Download
Stephen Delport.pdf Download
The Odyssey towards Corporatisation.doc Download
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Convention Documents
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Advanced Network Reconfiguration - Bahrain.doc Download
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effective management of planned network.pdf Download
Electrical accident in Glencoe.pdf Download
electricity supply basics.pdf Download
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Graaf Rienet Acccident Report.pdf Download
integrated power quality metering.pdf Download
maintenance of pwer transformers.pdf Download
Online Bulk Metering.pdf Download
overview of cust perception studies in eskom.pdf Download
potential employer liability for ohs breaches.pdf Download
power transformers cellulose paper insulation.pdf Download
preparing for reds ahead.pdf Download
quo vadis.pdf Download
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