The AMEU promotes quality of service and management excellence amongst its members in the field of electricity supply, and facilitates communication between its members and between members and the technical, economic and political environment, in order to influence that environment. In the interest of electricity distributors and all categories of end users in the electricity supply industry in Southern Africa it also provides an advisory service to its members and the customers of its members.

Affiliate members of the Association are drawn from commercial and private sector organisations and operate a separate committee under an elected chairman. They liaise closely with the Secretariat and Executive Council at all times. In addition to attending branch and national meetings, they get together regularly to plan their participation and contributions to all AMEU activities.

Membership Benefits

Membership of one or more learned societies is essential for the development of a successful professional career. This particular association provides municipal electrical engineers and managers with a platform for interactions and networking with colleagues in the industry. Membership will provide you with at least the following benefits:  

  • You can meet and interact with colleagues in your industry.
  • You can learn about the macro socio-political drivers in your industry.
  • You can compare your thinking on issues with that of your peers.
  • You can use the association as a platform to profile yourself in the industry.
  • You can demonstrate your thought leadership in a peer environment.
  • You can track industry trends and issues.  
  • You get the opportunity to participate in your industry on a national level.