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Eskom IDM: Residential Mass Rollout Programme

Article prepared from information provided by Eskom’s Integrated Demand Management (IDM) Business Unit: February 2012

Ellies Renewable Energy supports Eskom’s energy efficiency drive

On 17 February 2012, Ellies Renewable Energy launched its Project Power Save campaign which is aimed at saving 45 megawatts from the national grid between February and the end of March.

The campaign, which is supported by Eskom, will see Elsat accredited installers visiting over 200 000 homes across the country to replace incandescent and halogen light bulbs with energy efficient lamps. In addition, geyser timers will be installed in homes with existing electrical geysers and energy and water efficient showerheads will also be installed at no cost to the homeowner. ElSat is an established division of Ellies with strong reputation and creditability.

Eskom will rebate the cost of all units replaced into homes, under one of its funding assistance programmes namely the “Mass Residential Roll Out”, with accredited installers earning a fee for installation. Eskom will remunerate Ellies for every watt saved.

“Ellies Renewable Energy already offers various energy efficient products such as light bulbs, showerheads, solar geysers, wind turbines and so forth. The brand enforces energy saving and highlights the monetary savings it brings long-term from adapting lifestyles.” says Ellies Renewable Energy spokesperson Gary Wiltshire.  “We need to practice what we preach if we want to be involved in this specific kind of business. It is therefore our responsibility to get involved and even lead projects of this nature. Project Power Save allows the brand to take initiative and uses an existing and credible network of installers, systems, call centre and offices to champion the project”.

All households around the country qualify for free replacements and are encouraged to participate, not only to assist in decreasing power demands, but also to benefit from the long-term savings.

Households can benefit in this initiative by following a few easy steps:

1.    Log onto www.elliesrenewable.co.za and provide details. Ellies will contact an installer in the relevant area to action their installation; or
2.    Households can call 0861 355 437 and an installer will be scheduled.
3.    Households need to check the accreditation of the installer before allowing them into their homes

    a.    An ID Book – a call to the call centre can be made to confirm the ID Holder is a registered installer
    b.    Detailed correspondence on the project
    c.    An EE number showing the Installer is accredited to be participating in the campaign
    d.    A flyer with campaign details and bearing the installers stamp

4.    The household needs to complete a voucher that will be given through the installer back to Ellies.

For more information please contact:  Customer Care: 0861 355 437  / renewableenergy@ellies.co.za.

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