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AMEU & SAIEE Webinar Sessions

Webinar series dates on 10 - 25 August 2022 (6 sessions) - 10th (Wed), 12th (Fri) 16th (Tue), 18th (Thu), 23rd (Tue) & 25th (Thu).
All of the webinar session will each extend for three(3) hours from 10am to 1pm on each day as indicated in the programme below.
These webinar sessions will be CPD accredited.
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Webinar Sessions
Session 1-3 is moderated by AMEU & Session 4-6 is moderated by SAIEE

1 - AMEU Wed 10 Aug | 10h00- 13h00
Future proofing of a digital SA municipal DX electricity utility of the future

2 - AMEU Fri 12 Aug | 10h00- 13h00
The Just Energy Transition – exploring use cases for typical SA municipality distribution electricity utilities

3 - AMEU Tue 16 Aug | 11h00-14h00
Evolving business models for a sustainable SA municipality DX electricity utility

4 - SAIEE Thu 18 Aug | 10h00- 13h00
Infrastructure asset management in a SA municipality DX electricity utility to sustain revenue flows

5 -  SAIEE Tues 23 Aug | 10h00- 13h00
Effective grid integration of embedded generation in a SA municipality DX electricity utility

6 - SAIEE Thu 25 Aug | 10h00- 13h00
The impact of the 3 D’s (digitization, decentralization and disruption) in a typical SA municipality DX electricity utility


Cancellations should be done 48 hours before the event.